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Cookie Man
Cookie Dough drive fundraiser

Sorry but this fundraiser is no longer available in Australia

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No more purchasing products up front

If you fundraise with one of our products you simply get selling and we handle all the ordering at the end of your campaign.

No more paper based order forms to manage

All cookie dough ordering is done online from your student/members own individual sales pages - an easy way to sell for your cookie dough fundraiser in Australia

No more cash to collect and count

Your custom built online website handles all the payment processing. We pay you out your profts at the end of your campaign

No more orders to reconcile

Our system keeps track of all cookie dough orders and at the end of our campaign we provide a report of what is sold. If you are selling one of our products you don't even need to deal with placing an order - we do it!

No more working out who top sellers are

With our real time live leader boards you won't need to work out who your top teams or sellers are. All sales go straight to your website leader boards. Your Australian Fundraising Cookie Dough fundraiser has never been easier.