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... you name it. With our industry leading low fee structure Go Raise It Australia can help supercharge your fundraising success!

Your students will love the excitement involved with a Colour Powder fundraiser! It is a super easy low risk fundraiser with NO UPFRONT COSTS and BIG PROFITS for your school. We will build your school a custom fundraising website including real time totals and leaderboards.

Our industry leading low fees at 10%+GST are all inclusive with no surprises or extras at the end (includes platform fees, credit card fees and our full service).

image showing profits made by Coorparoo State school for their spellathon fundraiser
image showing donations received for Mcauley school colour run fundraiser
image showing fundraiser donations for whitford colour fun run fundraiser
We love that the money raised stays at the school - Go Raise It take a very reasonable percentage for their services. We control the prizes and are able to create environmentally friendly and active prizes that support the school community.
This year with the Go Raise It platform we ended up raising over $30,000 which well in excess of what we had ever hoped to raise. Parents found it easy to forward the link on to relatives in other countries and Grandparents who are not very technology savvy easily managed to upload their donations


That's right - you won't pay anything at any stage to us for your fundraising campaign! Our fees come out of the funds raised and the balance is deposited in your acount.


Our team takes your brand and your fundraising "why" and creates you your very own custom fundraising website on our online fundraising platform where you can raise funds online.


We don't just build you an online fundraising website and leave you to it - you will receive step by step guidance from your own personal Go Raise It Campaign Manager. They have lots of fundraising ideas to help you along the way.


We believe in creating a fair and equitable return for schools & clubs. That is why you will find our fees the lowest of all similar programs. See our "How it works" page for more details.


We know how time pressed volunteers are across Australian schools fundraising so we have taken that stress away with all communications material hand crafted by us

1. Is a Colour Run a profitable fundraiser for a school?

With a Go Raise It fundraiser there are no upfront costs and no cancellation fees should you need to cancel your event for any reason – we can even organise your colour powder for you if you don’t have your own supplier. 

It is a great fundraiser for students – a fun day but also an opportunity to work together and fundraise for something the school really needs. It can be a very profitable fundraiser for Australian school’s with very little effort asides from promoting and running the event day

2. How do we run a Colour Run fundraiser at our school from start to finish?

  1. Contact the Go Raise It team and get signed up. Once we have your form we will allocate a Campaign Manager.
  2. The Go Raise It team builds your custom website that you will use to fundraising so your students can setup their own fundraising pages to collect sponsorship for their efforts.
  3. We build a fundraising plan for your event marking out key dates and things you need to do.
  4. Launch your fundraising website to your students and have them sign up to fundraise. You can set a fundraising goal and include a target or leave that till closer to the end of your fundraiser once you see how successful your fundraiser is. Don’t cap your fundraising by specifying a goal too early.
  5. Watch your real time donation totals change live on your fundraising website as your fundraising efforts pay off.
  6. Organise and hold your event.
  7. Go Raise It pays out your fundraiser profits – our fees will always be 10%+GST of the total donations received – that is fully inclusive of our full service and includes all credit card and platform fees. You will always know exactly how you are doing at any point in your fundraiser as you can see the real time totals on your website – there are no surprise extra fees – we have kept it simple and easy to understand.