Go Raise It

How can we use prizes and teams to boost results and participation in our fundraiser?

Use a platform that allows your fundraisers to join a team

Go Raise It’s fundraising platform allows you to set up teams for your members or students to join. This could be teams for sports clubs or classes, houses or syndicates for schools fundraising on the platform. Teams combined with a few team prizes are a great way to boost your school or club fundraiser.

Use leaderboard for a bit of health competition between your teams

Team based fundraisers can include leader board functionality (individual, teams or both) to supercharge your fundraising. Use these leader boards with your own incentives or use all or part of the Raise It incentives program  to further drive your fundraising goals. Promote a bit of healthy competition in your fundraiser with rewards like icy poles for the first class to hit a target. Team prizes are easy to acquire and very cost effective.

Using Go Raise It’s team based fundraising features allows you to build an incentives and prizes program. If you require assistance developing an incentives program your Go Raise It Campaign Manager is there to assist.

Whether you are running a Fun Run, Colour Run, Athon or a Product Drive fundraiser you can use our teams functionality on your online fundraising website.

Do we need to allocate a percentage of our funds raised to prizes for our fundraisers?

At Raise It we take fundraising back to it’s roots – we don’t believe you should need to give a portion of funds raised to your students/members to spend on prizes for participating. Our incentives program means more $ back in your pockets – and it works!

We truly believe in the intangible benefits young people get from fundraising for a common goal. Fundraising gives them a sense of empowerment from being able to contribute. All our campaigns to date have spent a fraction of their total sum raised on incentive prizes. We promote the use of sponsored prizes from your community and self funding from your campaign where required. Your Raise It Campaign Manager is highly experienced in what works and will help with ideas but it is completely up to you how you run your fundraising prizes and incentives – we give you the ideas and tools to support it.